Are all Avant Stone slabs suitable for kitchen benchtops?

All types of natural stone slabs stocked by Avant Stone can be utilised for kitchen bench tops, some stone types are more suitable than others, feel free to discuss your kitchen design and kitchen use with a member of the Avant Stone team to find your perfect stone.

What are the differences between Granite, Marble and Quartzite?

Marble is formed when heat and pressure is applied to Limestone. The unique natural properties of Marble allow it to be polished to a high gloss which gives the impression of depth. Polished Marble is the more traditionally utilised form giving an opulent finish to your bathroom or living area. Marble is also available in a honed (similar to matte) finish, which is recommended for kitchen benchtop as the honed finish masks etching which can occur in marble when exposed to acidic liquids.

Granite is a robust, strong and durable natural stone which has been used in historic European architecture which remains standing to this date. Granite’s igneous rock structure allows it to be heat, scratch and stain resistant, which lends itself to it being a popular kitchen benchtop choice. Granite has a unique colour palette that is not available.

Quartzite exceeds granite in strength and durability while often offering the visually stunning appeal of marble.

I’ve heard that marble is porous and not good for a bench top?

Marble is a porous natural stone, and as such requires the use of a sealer and a little extra care than granite and quartzite. The trade off with marble however is the visually stunning and unique stone pieces that are not easy to find other stone types.

Can I get a sample sent to me?

We are able to provide samples of a large number of our stone products to architects, builders and designers. For homeowners looking purchase a new stone benchtop, we recommend visiting our premises to see the eye-catching beauty of a large stone slab.

Does Natural stone need to be sealed? How often?

Natural stone needs to be sealed upon installation, and annually after that. Sealing requirements vary depending on the sealer used, please speak to a member of our team to find out more.

Can natural stone be used outside?

Natural stone can be utilised outside, however we advise like any surface exposed to the elements there will be weathering over time. Often this weathering process will only add to the beauty and presence of your stone installation, as evidenced by the Taj Mahel or the Duomo in Florence.

What is book-matching a slab?

Book-matching is the process of installing slabs of the same block right next to each other to match veins or other features of the stone to create a stunning mirror image.

What other applications are there for Natural stone?

Natural stone has a variety of uses from indoor surfaces such as bathroom surfaces, feature walls, splash backs and flooring, or alternatively for outdoor surfaces such as paving, pool coping or as feature walls in your garden area.

Can I get natural stone tiles that match my bench top?

Yes Avant Stone is able to provide stone tiles that match various colours through an indent order, which has a shipping time of approximately 8-12 weeks. If you’re interested in ordering tiles in any colour, please enquire through the contact us section.


We encourage customers to visit our centrally located warehouse in Greenacre, a short 20 minute drive from Sydney and Paramatta CBD. Alternatively a member of our sales team is also able to visit your premises to provide you with product samples and assist you or your client in finding the best application of stone from our wide range of products.

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