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Every surface finish material and product has its unique benefits and drawbacks, however with the availability of Large Format Porcelain Panels this is about to change.

Porcelain Panels or Porcelain Slabs (as they are sometimes referred to) are a high density and low porosity surface. Porcelain Slabs also greatly resist heat, UV fading, staining and scratching, making them an ideal material for kitchen porcelain benchtop. The other uses are as porcelain wall panels for interior and exterior purposes, including wet areas.

At Avant Stone we carry our range of SinTerra porcelain panels which are available in unique designs, such as marble look and stone look. Amongst our SinTerra collection, the marble look porcelain slabs are the popular, especially the statuario porcelain slabs and the calacatta porcelain slabs.

These large marble porcelain slabs are popular for designers and families alike, who want the look of marble without the additional care and maintenance required with natural stone.

Fabrication & Installation

Sintered porcelain panels and porcelain benchtops can be cut to size on site or in a typical fabricators workshop depending on the complexity of its use and installation requirements. For example, a simple wall cladding use where the edges are simply cut to size requires only to score one side of the material and then bend or “Snap” along the score. This process can be achieved onsite. However, when a high degree of precision is required, for instance to size and shape a porcelain slab countertop; this will require a bridge saw or a waterjet cutting machine to be used with care in a workshop.

Due to the large and thin porcelain slab profile, it requires undivided attention and utmost care during its installation. Current standards prescribe minimum two people are required to handle the large porcelain slab with utmost care.

Avant Stone can provide you a list of fabricators and installers who can assist you with turning the slab into any application from extravagant countertop to a simple porcelain shower panel.


We encourage customers to visit our centrally located warehouse in Greenacre, a short 20 minute drive from Sydney and Paramatta CBD. Alternatively a member of our sales team is also able to visit your premises to provide you with product samples and assist you or your client in finding the best application of stone from our wide range of products.

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