Project Showcase: Blue Moon Quartzite X Seaforth Project

Granite Benchtop

Project Showcase: Blue Moon Quartzite X Seaforth Project

Kitchen splashback

The Collaboration

Avant Stone collaborated with Richard of Rich Carr Architects and Lesley of The Design Consultant to select the feature stone finish for their Seaforth Project. The cool grey tones of the Blue Moon Quartzite were used extensively throughout the project, becoming a central theme to this modern home.

The inspiration of using a natural product was central to Richard & Lesley’s vision, with Richard noting “To deliver something unique, it was necessary for us to use natural materials where possible”. In selecting as the desired natural finish ,Blue Moon Quartzite ”was chosen due to the dense and robust properties of the stone” in addition to its “natural distinctiveness and variation within the stone,” Richard notes.

Modern concrete finish

Characterised by its combination of blue and grey tones, Blue Moon Quartzite is a play on modern concrete finish whilst not losing the formations & veining of a natural product. The benefits of Blue Moon Quartzite are that it is a resilient and practical stone whilst featuring a natural artistic difference.

Benchtops and bench facings

Where Beauty Meets Lifestyle

Richard & Lesley note that client’s focus was to enhance the functioning of the existing house in conjunction with their lifestyle. They requested emphasis on creating a connection with the beautiful views of the middle harbour. The previous kitchen was separated from the happenings of the dining and living spaces, so the brief for this area was to connect and overlap these spaces.

Blue Moon Quartzite was integrated throughout the house, creating a strong reference to simplicity & continuity that the space previously lacked.  The stone was used in the following spaces:

  • 2-storey external splay wall
  • Kitchen splashback
  • Benchtops and bench facings
  • A floating hearth plinth

Bath splashback and benchtop in the bathroom.

Grey concrete tiles finishes in bathroom

Additional Finishes

A simple palette of materials was selected to contrast and emphasise the depth and movement of the Blue Moon Quartzite. For the kitchen and hearth, a combination of clean 2-pac polyurethane joinery and white painted timber batten design were used.

At the entry, Blue Moon Quartzite was installed to produce a 2-storey splay wall, offset by an oversize American white oak door. This significantly brought out the warmer tones and features within the adjacent stone.

Inside the bathroom, Blue Moon Quartzite was complimented with grey concrete tiles to play down the stone for a seamless and more subtle contrast.

Front View of Blue Moon Quartzite

Project Credit

Nihil Rawal

Director at Avant Stone