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Dolomite Benchtops

A Natural Stone – Super White Dolomite

Super White Dolomite is a Dolomite variety with beautiful grey coloration and wisps of grey quartz veining. One of the many reasons why Dolomite is quickly becoming an equally attractive and practical alternative to marble is because it emanates the same patterning and lights modern coloring. Super White Dolomite has seen a rise in popularity among builders, renovators, and interior designers in recent years, owing to its ability to combine a stunning appearance with practical utility.

Common Questions About Super White Dolomite:

What is Super White made of?

The slabs have unique dolomite and quartz composition. The white expanse is made of dolomite marble, a durable type of marble than regular marble. The stone’s structure is aided by the quartz veins that run through it.

What is the history of Super White Dolomite?

Super White is sourced and quarried in the Brazilian state of Bahia. They are processed from blocks that are cut and polished into slab shapes. Before being tracked and sent to other countries, these slabs are tested for quality, structural integrity, and visual appeal. This is a crucial step in ensuring that the material is appropriate for the quality-conscious Australian market. They are then carried over hundreds of kilometers to be meticulously handled before being delivered to other countries.

How to clean Super White Dolomite?

While Dolomite is a strong natural stone, it does take some upkeep to guarantee that it not only lasts a lifetime but also looks as gleaming and spotless as you’d like. Fortunately, with a little proactive maintenance, it’s simple to look after. Your fabricator or installer should always seal it, and it is advised to re-sealing once a year, depending on use and exposure to household goods and sun.

  • Spilling acidic foods and liquids should be cleaned as quickly as possible.
  • Knives and other cutting equipment should not be used directly on the stone.
  • Seal your Super White Dolomite with a sealant.
  • Use a gentle sponge and warm water to clean.
  • Use abrasive cleaners and strong chemicals sparingly.

Where can we use Super White Dolomite?

Dolomite is a beautiful natural stone alternative, employed in a variety of applications due to its versatility and durability. Kitchen benchtops, Stone Splashbacks, bathroom interiors, and flooring are the most common uses for Super White Dolomite in the home. Having low porosity, significant water resistance, and exceptional toughness makes this more than a happening choice; it’s also a practical one.

How many types of Super White Dolomites are there?

There are four major varieties of Super White on the international stone market. Super White Calacatta, Super White Arabescato, Super White Light, and Super White Dark. The quarry assigns a grade to each variety based on its tones and patterns. The price is reflected in the grade, which provides economical and premium options for this stone.

What are the benefits of Super White Dolomite?

Super White dolomite has numerous benefits as explained:

  • While Super White Dolomite is growing more popular for its visual and seductive appeal as a marble-like stone, that doesn’t mean you can’t personalize your slab selection. Dolomite slabs are similar to other natural stones in that no two are alike. From piece to piece, the intensity of the grey veining, the exact shade and tint of white and silver, and the undulating patterns all differ.
  • Dolomite is a long-lasting and exceptionally durable stone. Because your kitchen is likely to see a lot of activity, a scratch-resistant and non-porous natural stone-like Super White Dolomite is a fantastic choice.
  • Because dolomite is heat and pressure-resistant, as well as acidic etching, using it as a backsplash or countertop is perfect
  • The key to enjoying the rich elegance that Ultra White Dolomite has to offer is to keep it super white. Fortunately, Dolomite is simple to clean regularly and will last for many years if sealed and resealed every couple of years.
  • Although marble is a wonderful stone, many customers prefer a less expensive alternative. Super White Dolomite is a less-priced option that doesn’t sacrifice style or aesthetic appeal.
  • The rich silvery grey veins and modest but exquisite grey shading will give your kitchen or bathroom a great sense of grandeur. Furthermore, unlike other colorful natural stones, Dolomite’s eternal beauty means you’ll have a look that won’t date in decades.

Here, at Avant Stone, we have Super White Dolomite. It is a striking feature material for any interior design, blending light and dark elements gracefully. Here are some recommended color combinations:

  • With light color interiors, like white and shades of white, Super White Dolomite will bring out the elegance of white and still catch eyes.
  • With dark color interiors, like black or shades of black, Super White Dolomite will bring color to the room and balance the deepness of dark colors with its warm pattering.
  • With wood, Super White Dolomite will provide elegance and a cutting-edge vibe due to the striking colors which will be simply stunning.