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Avant Stone is Sydney’s premier supplier of marble slabs. Our focus is finding quality materials, sourcing only the marble slabs that feature patterns and colours that are suited to the modern Australian architectural palette.

Marble throughout history has been the choice material across different regions and cultures, famous examples of its use include St Peter Basilica and the Parthenon.

In the modern context, the application of marble remains as popular as ever due to its eco-friendly credentials. Marble slabs do not require harmful resins and chemicals during their production.  Marble is also a great insulator, keeping your home or commercial space cool during the hot Australian summer.

What is Marble?

Marble starts life as limestone which through geological processes is recrystallised under heat and pressure. Over millennia as ocean floors slowly spread, limestone seabeds get dragged into the Earth’s crust, turning into Marble with heat and pressure. The movement of the Earth’s crust causes Marble to twist and warp. This process of heating and warping is responsible for marble’s trademark waves and patterns.

Colour of Marble Slabs

Marble slabs are available in a variety of colours, of which white and grey are the most popular.  The characteristic swirls and veins present in Marble slabs are usually due to the presence of minerals such as sand, clay, silt or chert. The different marble colours arise through the presence of carbon, chloride, iron oxide and other materials. Green and deep red Marble slabs contain serpentine, whilst pink and gold Marble slabs are tinted by iron oxide.

There are several types of Marbles, including calcites (from calciferous limestone), dolomites (from dolomite limestone), serpentines (typically green marbles) and travertine (sedimentary limestone).

The hardness of Marble Slabs

Marble typically has a hardness of 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, however, this can vary depending on which part of the world the Marble is from.

What finish should I use?

Marble slabs are commonly available in a polished or honed finish. The high gloss look of polished marble adds depth and luxury to your architectural space, whereas the honed finish (matte) Marble slabs are popular in the current architectural aesthetic.

Other properties of Marble

Marble has a number of favourable properties such as strong wear-resistance and durability. We often receive feedback from clients that their Marble benchtops look stunning even after 10 years of heavy use.

Marble is also an excellent insulator, whether in direct sunlight, where the material remains relatively cool or in winter where it retains its warmth once heated. Its versatility means it can be used in a variety of settings – bathrooms, shower recesses, vanity tops, floors, benchtops, splashbacks and outdoor entertaining areas.