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Carrara marble originates from the Tuscan town of Carrara within the province of Massa-Carrara. The town is famous for its beach resorts, but most importantly, for the world-famous Carrara marble slabs.

It is deemed by many to be the marble and granite capital of the world. The town boasts many workshops and museums dedicated to this desirable material. Carrara was the first stone producer in the world. The marble carries a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire where it was used to construct sculptures and buildings – like the Pantheon.

Carrara Marble Slabs are made from microscopically small calcium carbonate crystals, Carrara marble slabs have a crystalline structure which makes it ideal for architecture and sculptures.

Carrara marble slabs have a soft white-grey shade, shining grains and smoky grey feathery veins, which run through the stone in an irregular pattern. The different ground colours and veins of the marble in the area of Carrara make this material spectacular. If the ground colour is light, the Carrara marble appears all white with grey veins.

Avant Stone is the leading supplier Carrara marble slabs in Sydney, sourcing this material directly from the Italian quarries. As one of the most recognisable types of Marble in the world, Carrara has become popular due to its versatility. Whether its being used to create an enchanting entry foyer, stunning staircase, bespoke bathroom or unique kitchen benchtop, Carrara marble slabs can be used in a variety of applications.

Avant Stone stocks three types of Carrara Marble Slabs, the Carrara Gioia, Carrara Venatino and Cararra Extra. Carrara Gioia has subtle diagonal grey veins along with a white / light grey cloudy back ground, whilst Carrara Venatino has bold grey veins on a white background. Carrara extra is a premium type of carrara with bold white background, with suble grey specks of veins.  Come select your perfect slab of Carrara Marble today.


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