Carrara Marble Slabs

Carrara marble originates from the Tuscan town of Carrara within the province of Massa-Carrara. The town is famous for its beach resorts, but most importantly, for the world-famous Carrara marble slabs.


It is deemed by many to be the marble and granite capital of the world. The town boasts many workshops and museums dedicated to this desirable material. Carrara was the first stone producer in the world. The marble carries a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire where it was used to construct sculptures and buildings – like the Pantheon.

Carrara Marble Slabs are made from microscopically small calcium carbonate crystals, Carrara marble slabs have a crystalline structure which makes them ideal for architecture and sculptures.

Carrara marble slabs have a soft white-grey shade, shining grains, and smoky grey feathery veins, which run through the stone in an irregular pattern. The different ground colors and veins of the marble in the area of Carrara make this material spectacular. If the ground color is light, the Carrara marble appears all white with grey veins.

Avant Stone is the leading supplier of Carrara marble slabs in Sydney, sourcing this material directly from the Italian quarries. As one of the most recognizable types of Marble in the world, Carrara has become popular due to its versatility. Whether it’s being used to create an enchanting entry foyer, stunning staircase, bespoke bathroom, or unique kitchen benchtop, Carrara marble slabs can be used in a variety of applications.

Avant Stone stocks three types of Carrara Marble Slabs, the Carrara Gioia, Carrara C, and Cararra Extra. Carrara Gioia has subtle diagonal grey veins along with a white/light grey cloudy background, whilst Carrara Venatino has bold grey veins on a white background. Carrara extra is a premium type of Carrara with bold white background, with subtle grey specks of veins.  Come select your perfect slab of Carrara Marble today.

Carrara Gioia

Carrara Gioia Marble gets its name from the Italian word for joy, and it’s not hard to see why this is the case. Carrara Gioia is a solid white background marble, characterized by its bold grey veining and speckles against a stark white background.

Carrara Extra

Carrara Extra Marble, a bright white marble that will bring a light, open feel to any application. A natural stone quarried in the famous Carrara Mountain ranges of Italy, it has been used extensively throughout famous monuments such as the Duomo in Florence.

Carrara C

Carrara C Marble, a white natural stone notable for its density and cool grey low contrasting veining. The quality of Carrara C is judged on the whiteness of the background and the definition of the veining.

Carrara Marble is known for its historically rich background, and is being offered to you by the leading supplier of Carrara Marble Slabs in Sydney. 

Carrara, a city in Italy, is considered the marble and granite capital of the world. Having over 650 quarry sites, Carrara has produced more marble than anywhere else in the world. Known as the ‘Luni Marble’ since Ancient Roman times, the marble quarries were looked after by the wealthy Cybo and Malaspina families who ruled over Massa and Carrara. Used in notable Roman monuments, the famous one being The Pantheon. This marble was also used in numerous sculptures of the Renaissance, as well as Michelangelo’s David. 


Where can Carrara Marble Slabs be used?

Popularly, this marble is used in interior design. It is utilized in hallways and corridors, bedrooms, lounge areas, benchtops and the kitchen, bathroom, and more. Available in tiles and slabs, Carrara Marble can make any room look elegant. 

What is the difference between Carrara Marble and Calcutta Marble?

Carrara Marble typically has an off-white colour with some hazel and coffee-coloured veining, while Calcutta Marble has very bold veining patterns on a solid white marble. As a result, Carrara Marble has a softer look to it compared to Calcutta.

How to clean Carrara Marble Benchtop?

You can care for your stone in the following ways:

  • Clean the marble with warm water and detergent or special marble cleaners. Soap is usually fat-based, and that can cause the marble to darken over time. 
  • Seal your stone with a marble sealant every two to four years to prolong its shine and health. 
  • Do not try to repair cracks or chips on your own. Hire a professional. 

We, at Avant Stone, have the following range of stunning options to choose your perfect piece from:

  • Carrara Gioia
  • Carrara Extra
  • Carrara C

Carrara Gioia

Carrara Gioia Marble is the perfect background marble. This stone is available in a honed and polished finish and 20mm and 30mm in thickness, suited for benchtops, floors, walls, kitchens, and bathrooms. The stone is patterned with bold grey veining and freckles on a stark white surface. Having a pleasing effect on the eye, this stone will perfectly suit darker interiors and subtly match your aesthetic. 

Carrara Extra

Quarried from the famous Carrara Mountains in Italy, Carrara extra will give your home a glossy and light finish. This bright marble portrays minimal veining and freckles with a crisp white background. This elite marble will match with dark and light colours, so feel free to use it anywhere and everywhere.  

Carrara C

The most popular marble from the Carrara Mountain range in Italy, Carrara C is a versatile and chic stone. This marble goes both with classic and contemporary designs. Carrara C amazes the eye with its white background and subtle splashes of grey.

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