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Dolomite Slabs remain a popular option among designers right now. These stones make undoubtedly stunning countertops that will instantly infuse your space with a feeling of elegance and grandeur.
Natural stone countertops are growing more popular subsequently due to trends and new aesthetic concepts. The most popular stones are marble and granite. However, they may not be the stone made for you. Maybe granite is above your budget, or marble doesn’t match the aesthetics you’re looking for.

Dolomite Slabs provide an equivalent aesthetic with some extra durability benefits. Dolomite may be the appropriate material for you if you’re looking for a gorgeous countertop material that compliments your interior décor at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Dolomite Slabs?

Dolomite is a low-maintenance stone with the visual appeal of marble and the durability of granite. This stone is scratch, dent, and abrasion-resistant. It is also resistant to heat, pressure, and other forms of wear and strain. Dolomite, which comes in white and grey hues with beautiful natural veining, lends an air of elegance and refinement like marble to any kitchen.

A fantastic alternative to marble for countertops in the industry, Dolomite is somewhat more durable than marble but much softer than granite, making it susceptible to scratching. While Dolomite Slabs are more acid and etch-resistant than marble or calcite, there are still etching chances. Dolomite Slabs create beautiful countertops that can be used in the kitchens, baths, and other areas. Dolomite should be considered a tougher version of marble in terms of performance. Both Dolomite and marble are smooth and shiny, easy to clean and maintain and make excellent kitchen and bathroom counters. 

Aesthetics With Dolomite Slabs

Dolomite Slabs are more commonly available in silver-grey and white variations. They generally have soft veining that makes them look more like marble than quartzite, which is why Dolomite is trendy. Dolomite is a stone that gets tangled up in the quartzite vs. marble debate all the time. Its look lends itself readily to the construction of elegant interior designs, making it ideal for usage as countertop and backsplash materials.

Dolomite is the ideal combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. Each Dolomite Slab has its veining and patterns that cannot be duplicated or recreated. Dolomite Slabs are frequently used to build bathroom and kitchen countertops that are both functional and beautiful. Some applications can be as follows-

  • Flooring (Interior and exterior)
  • Countertops, Benchtops, Worktops, Bartops
  • Bathroom applications like tub surround
  • Exterior Pavers 
  • Wall Applications like accent walls or feature walls
  • Monuments and Statues 

Here, at Avant Stone, Dolomite Slabs are found in Grigio Concreto, Super White, Winterfell White. That is to say, it will not scratch glass and will etch with acids. Still, if you want a marble look with more durability than authentic marble, Dolomite is a splendid choice for different applications. Minor quantities of quartz and other minerals are present in Dolomite. Due to these minerals, the rock is has a marble-like appeal.

Dolomite Slabs are a perfect long-lasting stone since it is more rigid than many natural stone options, including marble. The lifespan of Dolomite Slabs may be increased by using caution while handling metal and glass. Dolomite Slabs will last years or even decades if properly cared for.