Quartzite is an extremely hard metamorphic rock. It is one of the densest natural stones and has a stronger physical structure than even granite. Quartzite slabs along with their physical durability, share the patterns and premium look of marble, making them nature’s wonder material. more

Quartzite – what is it exactly?

Quartzite slabs are compromised almost entirely of the mineral quartz, with an added combination of calcite and silica. Quartzite begins its geological life as sand grains that over time are compressed to form sandstone. The sandstone with a combination of heat and pressure over time fuses together forming a dense, durable rock. Quartzite tends to have a beautiful appearance and glassy lustre.

How durable are Quartzite slabs?

Quartzite is a hard and durable material. It measures at a 7 on Mohs hardness scale. To put that into perspective, Quartzite is harder than glass and a knife blade.

What colours are quartzite slabs available in?

Quartzite slabs are available in a wide variety of patterns and vibrant colours.  Quartzite offers unique colours and patterns, like that of marble, with the added benefit of hardness (like granite). Yellow, red and taupes are among the most common colours, whilst blues and greens are rare. It is suitable for kitchen bench tops, pools, patios and entertaining areas.

Quartzite Slabs – Chemically resistant

Quartzite slabs will not etch from acids like vinegar or lemon juice, making it an ideal application in a kitchen.

Quartzite also has a low porosity and low water absorption rate and therefore suitable for both internal and external applications.

All these properties make the stone resilient to changes from the elements. Quartzite slabs in a textured finish can be used to provide a high resistance to slipping, which makes it ideal for water-prone areas like driveways, pool decks and patios.

Quartz stone vs Quartzite slabs

Often confused by the similar sounding quartz, Quartzite slabs have completely different properties. Quartzite is a  natural metamorphic stone formed within the earth. In contrast, quartz or reconstituted stone is a man-made material comprised of pieces of ground quartz, resin and polymers. Quartz or reconstituted stone properties cause it to be not as heat or scratch resistant.

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