Alpina Quartzite

Alpina Quartzite

ALPQUARTPRODUCT scaled Alpina Quartzite

Alpina Quartzite

Alpina Quartzite is a soft grey blue stone with beautiful flowing veins running horizontally across the slabs, giving it a luxurious appearance. This quartzite comprises blue highlights as well as hints of green against the cool grey background. Aplina Quartzite creates a cool modern ambience that offers elegance to any space.

Available sizes and finish

Image Code size Finish Availability
ALPQUARTBLOCK Alpina Quartzite 34058G 3100 x 1950 x 20 Honed In Stock
Alpina New New Alpina Quartzite 2213ML 3330 x 2000 x 20 Honed In Stock


MATERIAL Quartzite
COLOUR Grey, Blue
USE Kitchen, Bathroom, Internal Wall, External Wall, Internal Flooring, External Flooring

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