Quartzite Benchtops

Omega Black

Omega Black Quartzite is a favourite among those seeking a dark-coloured stone. The black background with the contrasting warm brown and white veining throughout gives this natural stone a movement of its own.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc Quartzite is a perennial favourite of the Avant Stone natural stone range. Mont Blanc Quartzite is a perfect natural stone with its elegant marble-like appearance but the wonderful durability of a Quartzite.

Macaubus White

Macaubus White Quartzite is quarried from the Bahia region of Brazil. It has been a staple of the Avant Stone Range due to its warm grey background with contrasting grey & green veining.

Crystal White

Crystal White Quartzite is a striking quartzite with a crystalline composition & striking translucence. Crystal White Quartzite is extremely durable and versatile, making it ideal for benchtops & heavy use surfaces.

Quartzite Benchtops

Why should you choose Quartzite Benchtops?

Granite and Quartz benchtops are already popular in many homes. However, a growing number of them are switching to Quartzite Benchtops. The reasons for switching to this sort of benchtop are both worthwhile and fascinating to learn.
Often confused with quartz countertops, quartzite is a separate, naturally occurring stone quarried similarly to granite.
This mineral is formed when sandstone undergoes a natural metamorphic process and transforms into a metamorphic rock. High pressure beneath the earth’s crust creates these rocks.

Quartzite will enhance the beauty of your countertop. The look of the stone has been compared to that of marble. Because of the similarities in appearance, most stone yards wrongly classify marble like quartzite. Marble is another type of metamorphic rock, however, because it is formed of limestone, it has less strength and durability. Quartzite, on the other hand, has more efficient advantages that marble does not.

Do Quartzite Benchtops need to be sealed?

Yes. Quartzite’s unique properties makes it resistant to etching, scratching and staining we still recommend sealing the stone to keep it in excellent condition.

Can Quartzite Benchtops be buffed?

Yes, it is feasible to polish Quartzite Benchtops in such a way as to remove scratches and stains. However, it is not as simple as you would like. Hire a professional rather than doing it yourself. We’re talking about applying a fresh surface finish on quartzite, similar to what was done in the manufacturing. The stains and discolorations will be gone, but just a small portion of the surface will be removed

How to clean Quartzite Benchtops?

It’s recommended to clean your stone with a non-acidic, low-pH cleansing mild soap and water or stone-specific cleaners from your local store. Because not all quartzites are created the same way, you should always ask your sales representative if your quartzite is appropriate for your cleaner. Quartzite Benchtops, like all stone, should be sealed and re-sealed every one to two years depending on usage. Stains and damage can be reduced by using coasters on glasses and mugs, immediately wiping potentially staining substances (citrus, vinegar, wine), and usage of trivets and hot pads.

How are Quartzite Benchtops made?

Quartzite benchtops are completely natural and are mined before being sawn into countertop slabs. When sandstone is subjected to tremendous pressure and heat in the earth’s crust as a result of tectonic plate compression, quartzite is formed.

Quartzite kitchen or bathroom countertops are a good choice for a variety of benefits.

  • This material, like granite, has a limited porosity, which adds to its antibacterial, mold-resistant, and easy-to-clean properties. It, like granite countertops, requires sealant maintenance once a year to maintain and increase its low porosity level.
  • It is a wonderful alternative for a profitable and cost-effective countertop. If you love marble but don’t want to pay the high price, a quartzite countertop is a terrific option. It is less expensive than marble but has similar designs and beauty.
  • This mineral has an inbuilt high resistance to heat and scratches since it is created from sandstone that has been subjected to tremendous pressure and temperature beneath the Earth’s surface. When compared to quartz countertops, it also offers superior heat and scratch resistance.
  • Quartzite is resistant to UV radiation, which is ideal if you’re utilizing it in an outdoor environment or a space with a lot of natural light.
  • Quartzite countertops are easy to keep clean. The surface will look beautiful with soap and warm water. There’s no need for exotic cleaners. The only thing to keep in mind is that spills will need to be cleaned up quickly, but most of us do that anyhow.

Quartzite comes in a variety of colors naturally (white, grey, pink, red, yellow, blue, and green are all prevalent), but because pigment can be added to it, there is no limit to how colorful it can be. Here at Avant Stone, we have 12 options to go through. Here are some color recommendations:

  • With colors black, gold or silver our Omega Black Quartzite is a popular choice. This natural stone has its tempo due to the black background and contrasting warm brown and white veining. Omega Black Quartzite is not only perfect for modern environments, but it is also adaptable and long-lasting.
  • A crowd-pleaser, our Mont Blanc Quartzite is an ideal natural stone, with its exquisite marble-like appearance. It’s a creamy white shade with delicate grey and warm tan veining perfect with colors like grey, off-white, and wood.
  • Our Macaubus White Quartzite has won hearts in the Avant Stone Collection with a warm grey backdrop and contrasting grey and green veining. Its veined appearance and warm tones go with a variety of colours like soft green and baby blue.
  • An excellent choice for benchtops, Crystal White Quartzite has a crystalline nature and stunning translucence. With light grey crystallization with low contrasted light grey veining, this stone will match with colours like bright white, grey, or even black for a contrasting look.

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