Limestone Slabs

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Limestone Slabs

Over the years, Limestone Slabs have become a more common form of stone application. Limestone has a striking similarity to marble, a well-loved stone. While Limestone slabs are not as conventional as marble or granite, it is an excellent material for different applications and is becoming increasingly popular. They’re far less expensive than marble and granite, and they have a natural beauty that you won’t find anywhere else. They do require a little more attention than other materials, such as sealing treatments and regular cleaning, but the extra effort will pay off in the form of pleasant and attractive appeal.

Features Of Limestone Slabs

  • Homeowners fancy the unfamiliarity of the natural evolution of Limestone. The stone is formed from marine life shells and fossils and sculpted by sand and living marine creatures. As a result, Limestone Slabs frequently have one-of-a-kind characteristics that distinguish this material, such as shell and fossil imprints. This organic beauty will make a stylish, one-of-a-kind alternative for your kitchen counters. Limestone Slabs are available in soft, natural colors like tan, beige, brown, and grey so that they can blend in with your current decor. They also have a subtle matte finish that goes with any kind and style of kitchen, adding to the organic vibe
  • The limestone slab has long been the material of choice for some of the world’s most recognizable and renowned historical structures. The Parthenon, the Great Pyramid, and the Lincoln Memorial are all constructed of Limestone and still standing today. In addition, the Limestone slab is a very durable stone to use for limestone flooring, kitchen, and bathroom worktops.
  • One of the most significant benefits of having a marble countertop in your house is the additional value it provides. Limestone slabs are quite popular, and it is well known for adding substantial value to a property. Stone is regarded as a refined building material, and its opulent look makes it a popular choice for house installation.
  • On the other hand, Limestone Countertops should be sealed because the stone is porous by nature—this aids in the prevention of stains. Acidic and abrasive substances can also scrape and damage Limestone. Cleaning your countertops immediately and adequately after spills will help to maintain your stone and extend its life.
  • Limestone Countertop, with the proper care and upkeep, can withstand anything you throw at it. Limestone slabs may be as hard as granite in some cases. Your Limestone Countertops will need to be sealed and polished regularly, at least once a year. It’s also a good idea to avoid placing hot pots straight on the countertop. Also, stay away from anything that might scrape the surface. Set your pots on the stove, and if you’re doing any meal prep, use a cutting board.

It’s worth investing in because of its color, unique origin, and widespread popularity. We, at Avant Stone, have Loki Limestone, Pietra Grey, Silver Landscape, and Tundra Grey Limestone Slab designs and styles, making it very simple to choose the ideal one for you. Furthermore, your Limestone Slab in ints application may last a long time with a few basic measures and the appropriate cleaners or sealers