Cote D'Azur Marble

Cote D'Azur Marble

Cote D’Azur Marble is a constant head turner, one of the most dramatic and eye-catching stones in the Avant Stone Range. Cote D’Azur Marble is a truly elegant stone that has a light grey background with dark grey quartz veining, and occasional hues of red, yellow and blue.

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Cote D'Azur Marble

Cote D’Azur Marble faded from the limelight after ruling in the previous century, but it’s back with a fresh take! Similar to many other designs that have been reintroduced recently such as the Victorian aesthetic in bathrooms, consumers are gushing over Marble Benchtops.

There were various restrictions on marble’s use in the past, including the overuse of its white form, among other things, but those days are gone with its current modern touch. Today’s kitchen is all about practicality and pleasure, and marble is here to deliver just that.

The stunning exhibition of its sophistication at Avant Stone is in a variety of hues like whites, blacks, and soft colours. But our Cote D’Azur Marble slabs will give your kitchen and bathroom a captivating edge. It’s also a hit with potential purchasers.
Many people prefer marble in general because it comes in a variety of styles and adds unrivalled beauty to any room. But this natural stone is a stunning and adaptable choice for any countertop in your home. Cote D’Azur Marble is regarded as the holy grail due to its dramatic characteristics.

Cote D’Azur Marble is a beautiful stone with a light grey background, dark grey quartz veining, and occasional red, yellow, and blue colours. Since its introduction, this magnificent marble has grown in popularity year after year. It’s perfect for feature walls, kitchen islands, and fireplaces.

This marble is opulent and futuristic, necessitating the use of light-coloured accents. Colours like grey, pearly white, pastel yellow, ebony look inviting. Choose a ruby red or crimson accent for a darker, contrasting colour combination. Other appliances like soap dishes, towel racks, and candlesticks in stainless steel, and satin lighten the dark tones and emphasize the slivers and particles of grey in the marble.

Despite its sheer beauty, this stone and marble, in general, need some questions answered:

Will Cote D’Azur Marble Benchtops go out of style?

Cote D’Azur Marble is ageless and on-trend. Consider it like a kitchen’s battery— but the twist is it simply keeps running and never loses charge. There are centuries-old structures in Europe made of marble, which is a pretty remarkable feat, so there is enough proof this material will last in your kitchen just fine.

Why choose Cote D’Azur Marble Benchtops?

It has the strength to withstand cuts and etching. It can also withstand heated items on top, unlike quartz, which darkens quickly. Marble is also used in fireplaces because of its high heat resistance. Cote D’Azur Marble is a highly durable material that can keep its appearance for a long time if properly cared for. Although it requires a bit more upkeep than granite counters, it is still a fantastic choice due to its durability.

How are Cote D’Azur Marble Countertops Made?

Since the development of CNC technology, the time required has drastically reduced from manual labour. CNC, or Computer Numeric Control, is a method of precisely controlling all three types of fabrication machines: saws, polishers, and routers, using digital technology. CNC has reduced production time for a countertop to a single afternoon. Intricately designed items, such as stone fireplaces, can also be quickly and easily shaped with CNC. What used to take sculptor weeks to carve might now be completed in a matter of hours.

Before investing in Cote D’Azur Marble, There are some steps to follow:

Begin by creating a visual layout or a blueprint

You should have a rough idea of where you want the benchtop to go, as well as other items like cabinets, shelving, and the kitchen sink. This also applies to bathroom applications. All of these items should be labelled with the appropriate measurements. This will assist you in explaining your point to the provider, allowing him to properly layout the space according to the specified measurements. After that, you should think about making the purchase.

Recognize marble’s basic features

Marble is an excellent heat-resistant material. But, like any fine item, it necessitates attention. Using mats and pot holders to place hot plates and pans will help to extend the life of the material. It’s also impermeable once sealed, which eliminates a lot of problems. All you need to do is seal annually.
On the other hand, marble is a delicate material that is easily scratched and stained. Rather than cutting on the counter, perform all of your cutting on a chopping board. Marble is much softer than granite so sealing will also protect it from stains and scratches.

Consider how much you’ll use your Marble Benchtop

Coffee, alcohol, soda, and acidic chemicals easily react with marble. Also, as previously said, marble is prone to scratches, making it impossible to use as a kitchen surface unless certain precautions are taken. One alternative is to use sealants. Another alternative is to use it only on a portion of the countertop rather than the entire surface. For example, you may use it for the kitchen island or the baking area and then cover the rest with laminate or quartz.

Choosing the perfect marble slab

Every slab of stone is unique. Because it’s a natural stone, the veining patterns will vary from slab to slab. In essence, you must select the exact slab you desire for your countertop. You’ll need to arrange the veining on the countertop in an artistic design to make it look like a work of art.

Making sure the aesthetics of your kitchen balance out

Deep-blue, gold, grey, orange, red, green, white, and black are just a few of the exotic colours found in marble. Every hue gives an accent to the space with its distinctive veining variances. Similarly, it is recommended to match the hue to the rest of the design elements in your kitchen or bathroom.

Assess the area required for your benchtop

This should be the first step, and it should include things like whether you want a sink with your countertop and other things. This may necessitate professional assistance, and your contractor may need to come to your home to measure the counter space available. This is an important consideration because precise measurements are required for a flawless fit; otherwise, you risk incurring unnecessary delays and costs.

Choosing an edge style

Marble is a lovely material with a variety of cuts to pick from. The half-circle bull’s nose, on the other hand, is a clear winner. It reduces the sharpness of the corners while also preventing chipping. Flat polish, rock face, mitred drop apron, bevel, quarter round, half bullnose, and many other styles distinguish your design from the norm. Before making a decision, talk to your provider to figure out what will work best in your kitchen or bathroom.

Sealing your benchtop

Although mentioned multiple times, marble is porous. Any liquid spilt on it will leave a stain if not cleaned promptly. Furthermore, it is easily scratched. The ideal answer is to seal the countertops regularly, which will significantly protect the stone.

Lastly, call a professional

If you are planning a large-scale makeover or buying new, it is best to contact professionals. They will be able to provide the expertise that is outside of your scope of knowledge.

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