Dolomite Kitchen Benchtops

Dolomite Benchtops

Super White Dolomite is one of the most popular stones at the moment, and it’s no surprise as they are perfect in almost any settings. It has a much sought after veined aesthetic similar to marble, whilst being a denser material so less porous, less likely to chip, scratch and etch. The overwhelming reason for its popularity is the contemporary look and colour. It’s valiant appearance blend with the classic and modern aesthetics effortlessly.

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Where does it come from?
Super White Dolomite is quarried in the Bahia region of Brazil, typically Avant Stone sources the material from a variety of processors who ensure the material is free of any structural imperfection, processed to achieve the desired polished, honed, or leather finish. This is an important step to ensure that the material is suitable for the quality-orientated Australian market.

What exactly is Super White?
One of the most dilemmas is about “If Super White is a Marble, Quartzite or Granite?” It is one of the enduring misconceptions regarding this material, however, Super White is technically dolomite. The Dolomite Benchtops are most similar to marbles, however, are a little denser and stronger. Typically, Super White Dolomite also contains some quartz crystal within the veins that run through the material, this is one of the reasons why it is often referred to as Super White Granite or White Fantasy Granite.

The different types of Super White
Super White is available in various patterns. At Avant Stone, we have two main varieties of Super White, namely, Super White Extra, also known as Super White Calacatta, and another type is simply known as Super White. The two variations can be differentiated by the grading of the material, due to which Super White Extra Dolomite is comparatively lighter than Super White Dolomite. The grading process is akin to that of diamonds, where clarify, color, and rarity are given importance.

Different Finishes of Super White?
At Avant stone, Super White comes in two finishes, Honed and Polished slabs. Desirable finishes can be chosen as per the requirement of your interiors or your preference. We at Avant Stone, have an experienced team to help you through the selection process.

How do I care for my Super White Slabs?
We recommend to our clients, regardless of the material type and its density, always look after your stone. Yes, some stone slabs can be treated rougher than others, but there is no guide to how rough. At Avant Stone, we always recommend sealing your Super White Dolomite. It is best practice to clean up spills as soon as you notice them and don’t chop without a chopping board. Following these steps, and little love and care, the Super White or any other natural surface will retain its elegance. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.

Super White Dolomite

Super White Dolomite remains one of our ever-popular stone products largely due to its modern colour tones & superior durability. The arctic cool toned grey along with the contrasting grey veining throughout adds beautiful depth to the stone.

Grigio Concreto

Grigio Concreto Dolomite is a dark grey-colored stone with subtle white specks and heavy veining throughout. Due to Grigio Concreto being a Dolomite Stone, it is stronger, denser, and less porous than Marble or Limestones. Grigio Concreto is quarried in Central America and is suitable for a range of uses, from workbenches to feature walls.

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