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Granite Kitchen Benchtops

Granite Benchtops

Granite, one of the most sought-after natural stones, is widely admired for its beauty, durability, and versatility. Known for its impressive ability to withstand heat and stains, granite has become the go-to choice for kitchen benchtops worldwide.


Why Choose Granite Benchtops?

Choosing a material for your kitchen benchtop can be a daunting task given the myriad of options available. However, granite stands out for its beauty, strength, and durability. Not only does using granite countertops add elegance and style to your kitchen, but it also offers practical benefits.

Granite is heat-resistant, meaning you can place hot pots and pans directly on the surface without worrying about damage. It’s also scratch-resistant, which is especially important in a high-traffic area like the kitchen. Plus, with its naturally porous surface sealed, granite is resistant to stains, making cleanup easy and keeping your kitchen looking pristine.

In addition, granite is a natural stone, which means that every slab is unique. The subtle variation in colour, form, and texture adds an element of individuality to your kitchen, ensuring it’s truly one-of-a-kind.

Granite Kitchen Benchtop Sydney

light colored Granite Benchtops
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Wonderous Viscount White Granite, this natural stone would not look out of place in a stately home or palace. Characterized by its bold, elegant movement against the cool grey surface

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Indian Jet Black Granite, the deep dark stone with a magnificent polish. A timelessly classic Granite that will never look anything less than stunning due to its ultimate durability.

viscount white Granite Benchtops
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Colonial White Granite is a beautiful speckled natural stone. Characterized by its cream, white, and burgundy spots, Colonial White is consistent with a subtle amount of character.

Features Of Granite Benchtops

Granite benchtops are known for their unique features that make them a favorite choice for homeowners and designers alike. Here are some noteworthy features of granite benchtops:

Granite is one of the hardest natural stones, making it highly durable and long-lasting. Its resistance to chipping, scratching, and cracking is unrivaled.

Granite can withstand high temperatures without damage, making it a stone ideal for kitchens where hot pots and pans are a common sight.

When sealed properly, granite surfaces are resistant to stains, ensuring they retain their beauty for years.

Unlike some materials that can harbor bacteria, granite is non-porous when sealed, providing a hygienic surface for food preparation.

Available in an array of colours, patterns, and finishes, granite offers unlimited design possibilities. From white granite to dark grey and black, granite products, there’s a perfect slab for every kitchen.

Granite benchtops are an investment. They can significantly increase the value of your home, making them a wise choice for those planning to sell their home in the future.

With these features, it’s no wonder why granite benchtops melbourne continue to be a popular choice for kitchens. They offer a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

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How To Choose The Perfect Granite Benchtops?

Choosing the perfect granite kitchen benchtop for your next project involves a few key considerations. Here are some guidelines to help you through the process:

Consider the overall style of your kitchen when selecting your granite countertops melbourne. The colours and patterns should complement your cabinets, floors, and walls. If your kitchen has a modern look, choose a sleek, solid-coloured granite. For a more traditional feel, consider a granite variant with a unique pattern.

Granite is available in a wide range of colours, from cool whites to rich blacks, earthy browns and greens, and everything in between. The right colour not only complements your kitchen design but also affects the kitchen’s mood and space perception. Light-coloured granite makes a kitchen feel more spacious and airy, while darker granite adds a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Granite benchtops can come in polished, honed, or leathered finishes. A polished finish will give a shiny, high-gloss look, while a honed finish will give a more matte look. Leathered granite has a more textured feel and provides a more natural look. The finish can affect the appearance and maintenance of the granite.

Granite patterns can vary greatly over a single slab. It’s important to view the full slab instead of small samples to get a true sense of the granite’s pattern and to understand how it will look once installed.

Granite and stone benchtops Brisbane can range significantly in price based on the rarity of the stone and the complexity of the installation. Having a clear budget in mind can help you make decisions and negotiate with suppliers.

Quality can differ between granite slabs. Look for any cracks, chips, or uneven finishes. Also, the slab’s thickness can vary, and thinner slabs might not be as durable.

All granite requires sealing to prevent staining. Ask about how often the granite will need to be sealed and consider whether you’re willing to maintain it.

By considering these factors, you will be better equipped to choose a granite kitchen benchtop that suits your taste, fits well with your kitchen’s design, and meets your budget. Remember, the goal is to find a benchtop that you’ll love for years to come.

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Browse our vast range of natural stone options, featuring a sturring variety of colors, patterns, and features to suit every taste and style!

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How To Look After Granite Kitchen Benchtops?

Caring for your granite kitchen benchtops doesn’t have to be complicated. The enduring beauty of this natural stone surface can be preserved with simple and routine maintenance.

This includes regular cleansing with a gentle soap or a cleaner designed especially for stone surfaces. Abstain from using rough cleaning instruments that could inadvertently scrape the benchtop. It’s also crucial to adhere to your vendor’s recommendations about sealing the granite, which enhances its resilience against staining.

Try to keep the surface away from harsh cleaning agents such as bleach or acid-based products, as these can harm the granite. Also, always make use of heat-resistant pads or trivets to protect your benchtop from potential thermal damage caused by hot kitchenware.

We have the following range of stunning options to choose your perfect piece from:

Colonial White granite, with its elegant grey and white tones, offers a sophisticated and timeless appeal. It matches well with both the walls and light and dark cabinets, making it a versatile choice for any kitchen style.

Indian Jet Black granite is world-renowned for its deep, rich colour. This black granite is highly resistant to heat, stains, and scratches, making it an excellent choice for a high-use kitchen, bathroom or benchtop. The intense black surface adds a striking contrast in lighter kitchens, creating an impressive design statement.

Viscount White Granite, with its stunning mix of white, green, brown, and grey, is perfect for creating a light, open feel in your kitchen. Its unique pattern provides a sense of movement, adding depth and visual interest to your kitchen benchtop.

Stain Proof Premium 1 Gallon smaller 209x300 1 Granite Benchtops

Looking for the ideal stone care products?

Stain-Proof Premium Impregnating Sealer is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that provides premium long term protection for natural stones, tiles, pavers, concrete, brick and grout from water and oil based stains and damage caused by water and dissolved salts. Treated indoor and outdoor surfaces become easier to clean and keep looking good for longer.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Granite stone is particularly suited for kitchen benchtops for several reasons. Its natural resistance to heat and stains makes it highly durable, the perfect material for the hustle and bustle of a kitchen environment. Its variety of colours and natural patterns can complement any kitchen style, from traditional to modern.

Moreover, granite and marble benchtops can bring a sense of luxury and elegance to any kitchen. Their unique and natural patterns are impossible to replicate, guaranteeing that each granite countertop and marble benchtop is an individual piece of art.

Choosing the perfect granite for your kitchen benchtop involves a few key considerations. Start by identifying colors and patterns that match your kitchen cabinets, flooring, and overall design. Keep in mind that each granite slab is unique, adding character to your kitchen. Consider the quality of the granite; higher-quality options are more durable and stain-resistant. It’s essential to research reputable granite suppliers in Brisbane to ensure you’re getting the best quality and variety. Finally, remember that while granite may be more expensive, it’s a long-term investment that enhances your home’s value.

Marble and limestone tiles are similar natural stones that are often used in benchtops. Engineered stone surfaces, which combine natural stone with resins, are also a popular choice.

Sealing frequency can vary based on the specific type of granite and usage, but a good rule of thumb is once a year.

In conclusion, granite benchtops adelaide offer an attractive and unmatched combination of durability, beauty, and elegance. No matter the style or colour scheme of your kitchen, there is a granite benchtop perfectly suited to your needs.

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