Granite Kitchen Benchtops

Colonial White

Colonial White Granite is a beautiful speckled natural stone. Characterized by its cream, white, and burgundy spots, Colonial White is consistent with a subtle amount of character.

Indian Jet Black

Indian Jet Black Granite, the deep dark stone with a magnificent polish. A timelessly classic Granite that will never look anything less than stunning due to its ultimate durability.

Viscount White

Wonderous Viscount White Granite, this natural stone would not look out of place in a stately home or palace. Characterized by its bold, elegant movement against the cool grey surface

Blue Moon

Blue Moon Granite is a striking stone with a grey and blue background and sharp angular veins which are completely unique to this stone. Blue Moon Granite is perfect for those seeking modern aesthetics in a durable natural stone.

Granite Kitchen Benchtops

Granite Kitchen Benchtops

Finding the perfect White Granite Benchtops to fit your aesthetic can be challenging. Here at Avant Stone, finding your ideal stone from the numerous granite options, colors, and uses will not take long. Cosmic Black Granite, Colonial White Granite, Viscount White Granite, or Delicatus White Granite? With so many white options alone to choose from, your Granite Benchtop is bound to look mesmerizing. Avant Stone’s Granite Slabs will leave you with an excellent sense of appreciation with its consistent, elegant, and bold feel.

Where is Granite used?

Granite can be utilized for exterior and interior projects. Generally associated and used for various design elements, Granite can be implemented for flooring, patios, staircases, benchtops, mosaics, tiles, mantle pieces, and more. It has a grand appeal, perfectly suitable for homes looking for elegance.

Why is granite used in the kitchen?

Granite Kitchen Benchtops is a popular countertop application due to being heat, moisture, and stain-resistant. It also has chipping and scratch resistance. For its durability, versatility, and sheer brilliance, granite is the perfect countertop for kitchens. It also adds a sense of extravagance and sophistication.

How to choose the perfect Granite Benchtops?

A couple of points to keep in mind before choosing your variation are:

  • The Granite Benchtop chosen should match the color of your cabinets or the veining in the stone instead. For example, our Viscount White Granite would match with white-color cabinets. On the other hand, Colonial White Granite or Blue Moon Granite would match with darker-color cabinets.
  • The selection of light or dark granite should depend on the expanse of your kitchen. Light granite should be used in smaller kitchens to make the area feel larger. On the other hand, darker granite suits with larger kitchens due to their dramatic hue and appeal.
  • Granite comes in three different patterns: marbled, solid, and speckled. Speckled granite is suitable to add a pop of rich color to vanilla interiors. Solid granite is used in smaller kitchens for a larger feel due to patterns that make the kitchen smaller.
  • Whether you want slab granite or tiled granite depends on your budget. Tiled granite is budget-friendly however the aesthetic appeal goes down due to the lines seen. A slab of granite is expensive due to the labor and material cost incurred.

How to look after Granite Benchtops?

Here are some ways to look after your stone:

  • For everyday cleaning, use clean and soapy water. Then wipe dry with any soft cloth.
  • Professional resealing of your stone every two years.
  • Never cut directly on your Granite Benchtop.
  • Clean spills quickly and avoid delayed cleaning of dark, pigmented foods.

We, at Avant Stone, have the following range of stunning options to choose your perfect piece from:

  • Colonial White
  • Indian Jet Black
  • Viscount White

Colonial White

Colonial White Granite is the most sought-after for Kitchen Granite Benchtops. This dazzling stone, freckled with cream, white, and burgundy colors, subtly catches your attention. Available in small numbers, white granite is a must-have for its rigid and impermeable surface. This stone is consistent in its charm and magnificence.

Indian Jet Black

Indian Jet Black Granite will leave you open-mouthed. Strikingly smooth with its rich color, this stone seemingly knows it’s the best. A seemingly classic work of fine art, with no patterns. Suitable for benchtops, fountains, panels, and more. The look and feel of this stone will provide more depth to your kitchen, perfectly accentuating other colors.

Viscount White

Viscount White Granite has remarkable richness and flow of color. Personally handcrafted for stately homes and palaces, this stone will compliment your kitchen like no other. A perfect fit for monochromatic colors, this stone will highlight the beauty of simplicity.

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