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Calacatta Viola

Calacatta Viola Marble

A stunning natural stone imported from Italy, Calacatta Viola marble’s ageless elegance will elevate your living spaces. Because of its elegant veining in deep violet and white, it’s the ideal material for walls, floors, and kitchens. This wonderful material, which is offered in polished tiles, gives any area a sense of luxury.

Why Choose Calacatta Viola Marble?

Calacatta Viola Marble represents an exquisite choice for those who seek both elegance and durability in their spaces. Originating from Italy, this stunning natural stone is renowned for its unique blend of rich violet and pristine white veining, creating an air of refined sophistication. Ideal for a variety of applications including flooring, walls, kitchen benchtops, and bathroom surfaces, Calacatta Viola marble infuses a piece of Italy’s renowned elegance into Australian homes.

By opting for our Viola marble Slabs, you’re not just choosing a material; you’re bringing timeless beauty into your living space, designed to catch the eye and elevate the ambience of any room. We invite you to request a quote and explore our selection.

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Calacatta Viola Benchtops

Calacatta Viola benchtops are the epitome of classic elegance and modern functionality. With their unique violet and white veining, these benchtops bring an artistic flair to your kitchen, transforming the space into a luxurious and inviting area. The Calacatta Viola is not only a visual delight but also offers a durable surface for your culinary adventures. Each slab is a testament to natural beauty, promising to elevate your kitchen’s aesthetic while providing a practical, long-lasting work surface.

Calacatta Viola Splashbacks

Enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen or bathroom with Calacatta Viola splashbacks, a choice that infuses sophistication and luxury into your space. The polished Calacatta Viola slabs, characterized by their striking veining, create a captivating visual experience, elevating the design quotient of any room. These splashbacks act not just as a protective surface but also as a key design element, offering a harmonious blend of functionality and elegance. They complement various styles, from contemporary minimalism to classic opulence, adding a unique touch to your decor.

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Other Applications of Calacatta Viola Marble

Beyond benchtops and splashbacks, Calacatta Viola excels in various applications like flooring, walls, kitchen, bathroom, and fireplace surrounds. Its violet veining enhances any space, lending a touch of Italian sophistication.

Experience the durability and elegance of Calacatta Viola flooring. Its deep violet and white veining gives the natural stone a stunning visual impact. To give your space a more sumptuous, refined feel, transform your flooring with a sense of Italy. Examine the options and select a flooring choice that will certainly draw attention.

A Calacatta Viola fireplace will bring flair to your living room. Because of its unique veining, this natural stone adds warmth and sophistication, creating a focal point that enhances the composition overall. Add a stunning Italian design to your home’s environment.

Your walls will look better with the magnificent Calacatta Viola. Rich veining of white and violet creates a striking backdrop for any area. Viola marble slabs make every residential or commercial space feel a little more opulent and elegant.

With Calacatta Viola Slabs in your bathroom, create an opulent haven. Its sophisticated veining of deep violet and white makes the slabs a perfect option for walls, floors, and worktops. See how the slabs may turn your bathroom into a tranquil haven akin to a spa by perusing our selection.

Pros And Cons Of Using Calacatta Viola Marble

Transform your area with the elegance of Calacatta Viola marble. When contemplating this natural stone for your project, bear in mind the following main benefits and possible downsides:

  • Luxurious Aesthetic: Calacatta Viola adds a high-end, sophisticated look to any space. Its unique violet and white veining creates an air of opulence and refined taste.
  • Polished Finish: The polished surface of Calacatta Viola enhances its luxurious appearance, contributing significantly to the overall aesthetic appeal of the area it adorns.
  • Italian artistry: Originating from Italy, Calacatta Viola is a testament to the country’s long-standing legacy of producing some of the world’s finest and most sought-after marble varieties.
  • Increased Property Value: Incorporating this premium material in your property can significantly enhance its market value, making it an attractive investment.
  • Versatility in Application: Calacatta Viola is suitable for a wide range of uses, from kitchen benchtops to bathroom walls, offering flexibility in design options.
  • Limited Availability: Due to its exclusivity, Calacatta Viola can be challenging to source in some regions, which might limit its availability and accessibility for certain projects.
  • Weight Considerations: The density of this natural stone may necessitate additional structural support during installation, potentially complicating the process.
  • Stain Risk: Marble is prone to staining; hence, spills need to be addressed promptly to maintain its pristine condition.
  • Acid Sensitivity: Being sensitive to acidic substances, special care is required when choosing cleaning agents to avoid etching the marble surface.
  • Maintenance Requirements: Regular maintenance, including sealing and careful cleaning, is essential to preserve the stone’s appearance and prevent damage.

Understanding these detailed pros and cons is crucial for anyone considering Calacatta Viola for their projects, ensuring that the choice aligns with their aesthetic goals, practical requirements, and maintenance capabilities.

“Indulge in the timeless beauty of Calacatta marble, where nature’s artistry

is revealed in every intricate vein and exquisite pattern.”

Calacatta Viola Vs other Calacatta Marble

Choosing between Calacatta Viola and other Calacatta marbles involves discerning their unique attributes. Calacatta Viola is renowned for its distinctive violet and white veining, offering a bold and artistic statement. This contrasts with the typically softer, more subtle veining of other Calacatta varieties, which present a more classic marble appearance.

The decision depends on the specific aesthetic and ambience you wish to create. Calacatta Viola is a stone ideal for making a dramatic statement, adding a touch of artistic flair to any space. It’s particularly striking in areas where you want the stone to be the focal point, like a centrepiece wall, a bathroom, or an elegant flooring solution.

On the other hand, other Calacatta marbles, with their softer veining and more neutral tones, are perfect for spaces where you desire a sophisticated, yet understated elegance. They blend seamlessly with various design elements, enhancing the space without overwhelming it.

Each variety has its unique charm and suitability, depending on the design goals of your space. Visiting our store allows you to compare these varieties in person. Seeing and feeling the marble can greatly assist in making a decision that aligns with your vision for your home. We encourage you to explore our selection and envision how each type of Calacatta marble can transform your space, adding a touch of Italian luxury and elegance.

How to Clean and Maintain Calacatta Viola Marble

Caring for Calacatta Viola slabs requires specific practices to maintain its stunning appearance and longevity. Here are essential tips for cleaning and preserving this exquisite marble:

After cleaning, ensure the marble surface is thoroughly dried to prevent water stains. Use a soft, absorbent cloth to gently wipe away any moisture, keeping the surface spotless and gleaming.

Always place coasters under heavy or large items like vases, cookware, or bottles. This simple practice can protect the marble from scratches and etching, especially from items that are moved frequently.

Be cautious with heavy or sharp objects that could potentially scratch or chip the marble surface. When placing such items on the marble, do so gently and consider adding protective layers like mats or soft cloths underneath.

For comprehensive care, think about engaging professional cleaning and maintenance services. Experts can provide deep cleaning, polishing, and sealing services that help preserve the marble’s integrity and appearance.

By following these care guidelines, you can ensure that the elegance and beauty of Calacatta Viola continue to enhance your space. Regular and careful maintenance will extend the life of your marble surfaces, allowing you to enjoy the natural stone’s enduring appeal all year round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed, Calacatta Viola is a great material for bathrooms. Its elegant appearance, robustness, and adaptability make it perfect for walls, floors, and countertops. A harmonious and strikingly beautiful room is created by the unusual veining of violet and white, which adds a touch of refinement. Viola marble enhances the overall atmosphere and provides a timeless and beautiful sense, making it a great choice for both modern and classic bathroom designs.

We at Avant Store offer a view of Calacatta Viola. You can explore our range of polished slabs in our eye-catching assortment and learn how natural stone can transform your space. We value harmony in design and invite you to visit our store so you may handle and feel the beauty of Italian-sourced Calacatta Viola.

Definitely! Calacatta Viola is a fantastic material to use for surrounding fireplaces. Its veining adds sophistication and cosiness, creating a focal point that draws the eye to any living area. Give your fireplace a bit of Italy to turn it into a magnificently elegant focal point.

Yes, Calacatta Viola comes in a range of sizes, providing adaptability for several applications. Our range offers a choice of measurements to match your project’s needs, whether you’re designing countertops, walls, or floors. Search for the right tile size to enhance your area.

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