Limestone Tiles

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Limestone tiles in Sydney

Limestone tiles are a perfect option if you are looking for an attractive alternative to beautifying your living spaces with natural stone tiles. They are the most sought-after and popular option among the masses because of their durability, versatility, malleability, and the availability of a variety of color options in them.

Existing since the Precambrian times, limestone is believed to have been around for more than 3 billion years. Considering the limestone structures of the Great Pyramids of Giza, it is the bio-accumulation of carbonates that eventually results in the formation of durable tiles that stand the test of time. Limestone is abundantly found in various spots in the world, some being- the Pacific Ocean, the Gulf of Mexico, and the Indian Ocean.

Where are limestone Look tiles used?

In earlier times, the use of limestone Look tiles for construction purposes was only bounded to Italy and Turkey. But with the growth of transportation, its usage spread all around the globe.

Limestone Look tiles find their application in multiple places, interiors and exteriors likewise,  pertaining to the exquisite character and style they offer.

Some of the interiors spaces where limestone tiles are commonly found are as follows:

  • Decorations
  • Kitchen
  • Countertops
  • Bathroom
  • Stone Flooring
  • Patio
  • Pool
  • Entryway

Why should you consider using limestone Floor tiles?

Limestone tiles are an affordable yet alluringly beautiful limestone flooring Australia option that does not burden your wallet with its exorbitant prices. It fosters easy installation and requires basic upkeep that will deem beneficial in the broad purview of things. It’s a timeless beauty and endearing versatility of both availability and application, make it the right choice for the decor of your living spaces- both exterior and interior.

Is limestone different from marble? How?

Going by the very basics of each stone’s formation, one can say marble tiles and limestone are different from each other, as the former is a metamorphic rock and the latter, is sedimentary. Although both are used for construction purposes, their textures and availability in color options vary greatly.

How to choose the best Limestone bathroom tile for your use?

Selecting stone tiles for spaces is no tough nut to crack especially when decided while bearing certain parameters in mind like:

  • What finish of the tile would suit your purposes? For example, a gloss finish tile would be better to use in the living room than in the kitchen or the bathroom, considering how slippery it gets when wet.
  • Will the choice of tile comply well with your overall budget?
  • What kind of embellishment on the tile would you prefer, depending upon the spaces it will be installed in?

At Avant Stone, you are provided with a diverse range of exquisite limestone tiles, Granite floor tiles, and other natural stone tiles that comply aptly with your demands and desires.

How to take care of limestone tiles?

limestone natural stone tiles demand care and maintenance. When taken good care of, limestone tile flooring is bound to last for years! Follow the below steps to efficiently manage the upkeep of limestone tiles:

  1. Vacuum your limestone indoor tiles flooring regularly to limit the amount of abrasion caused by the dust and dirt accumulated over time.
  2. Use a limestone-specific sealant to avoid the seepage of various particles.
  3. Use mild, non-citric cleaners to mop the limestone floor since being formed of carbonates, it is sensitive to the corrosive and eroding effects of citric cleaning chemicals.
    Here, at Avant Stone, we offer the following range of stunning limestone outdoor tiles to choose from:

    • Grigio Cielo Honed Tiles
    • Silver Travertine Honed Tiles
    • Tundra Grey Honed Tiles

    Grigio Cielo Honed Tiles

    Possessing exquisite texture and murky yet mesmerizing shades of grey melange, Grigio Cielo Honed Tiles make the perfect choice for Stone Fireplaces, sinks, countertops, staircases, pool coping, and other design projects. Moreover, the ashy undertone adds to the zest of the tile which can never go unnoticed and unappreciated.

    Silver Travertine Honed Tiles

    Carrying a jaw-drop, distinct marbling effect, Avant Stone’s Silver Travertine Honed Tiles range in beautiful colors from off-white to dark beige and deep grey. The striking beauty of these natural stone tiles carries the undeniable aura of royalty and makes the spaces ooze heavenliness and attract awe from every visitor to your home.

    Tundra Grey Honed Tiles

    Tundra Grey Honed Tiles, with freckled patches of grey and shades running in veiny lines, are influenced by marble to give off a bold yet elegant look, in a honed finish. These tiles look mystically alluring when used in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, and limestone wall tiles while being both stylish and sophisticated.

Avant Stone a limestone supplier Sydney, delivers a wide range of limestone outdoor tiles varying in textures and colors—all the way from black to white—ensuing the gentle earthly shades of limestone tile while striking the perfect balance between elegance, easy upkeep, beauty, and comfort for your next limestone tile.