Marble Benchtops for kitchen

Cote D'Azur

Among the Avant Stone range, this marble benchtop is one of the most striking and eye-catching. It’s a beautiful stone with a light grey background and dark grey quartz veining, as well as occasional red, yellow, and blue colors.

Calacatta Vagli

This marble benchtop is a high-end marble from Italy’s Carrara Mountains that is distinguished by its warm white backdrop and subtle earthy-gold veining.

Carrara Gioia

It is named after the Italian word meaning joy. In contrast to its bright white background,  this marble benchtop has dramatic grey veining and speckles that gives it a unique appearance

Calacatta Oro

In the world of marble, it is one of the most sought-after options. Central Italy’s Carrara mountains are where we find this marble benchtop.

New York

This marble has a heavy movement and eye-catching appearance, it is a great addition to any home. This marble benchtop has Sharp dark purple veining contrasted with the white background, which is tinged with pink and purple.

Carrara Extra

A dazzling white marble that lends an airy, open vibe to any application. A natural stone produced in the famed Carrara Mountains of Italy, this marble benchtop has been utilized extensively in notable monuments such as the Duomo of Florence.

Verdi Alpi

It is a magnificent stone with emerald green tones. There are shades of white and dark green available in this marble. Interior designers love the grandeur and vibrancy this marble benchtop adds to any application.

Our Marble Benchtops Range

Marble Benchtops for kitchen

Marble Kitchen BenchtopsIn most kitchens, marble benchtops are the most popular option owing to their beauty and style. Marble Countertops are large slabs of Marble that are trimmed to the desired form and size based on architectural requirements. Marble countertops are typically in tremendous demand because they are accustomed to durability and elegance.

To select the perfect Marble, having adequate knowledge of Marble, its durability, and style is crucial.
Marble Industries provides many varieties of Marble Benchtops with different veins and structures available in the market. In addition, specific premiere marble can be chosen according to the preference and style of the Kitchen.
Here are highlighted some of the basics of Marble to set out differences among various marble stones and countertops.

What are Marble or Marble slabs? 

Marble are metamorphic rocks made up of recrystallized carbonate minerals, the most prevalent of which are calcite and dolomite. The various structures (veins & patterns) and designs of these marbles are due to their development.

When it comes to diversity, there are five primary varieties of Marble that are strenuous worldwide. 

Marble slabs are highly regarded in the construction and interior design industries. Nowadays, it is the most promising choice for architectural purposes due to its stunning beauty and resistance to heavyweight. These are found abundantly and carved out from different parts of the world.

The historical part has been adopted for construction since the time of the Ancient Greeks, owing to their excellent durability, hardness, heaviness, smoothness, etc. 

Marble Benchtops as a trend in kitchen

Marble Benchtops are timeless pieces of stunning creations curated to elevate the looks when combined with interior designing. Many homes favor marble slabs as interior design since it is long-lasting and requires less maintenance than other stone materials.

  • White Marble Benchtop is the foremost choice for customers as this cool white off-color Marble with veins ranging from golden to silver gives a more elegant and aesthetic look.
  • Further, Marble Benchtops are promising when elevating the appearance through that lustrous glazing surface and making the Kitchen look beautiful and elegant. 
  • One of the promising features of Marble Benchtops is its resistance to stains. There are fewer chances of any stain or spots not being cleaned up if contracted to the Marble surface. 
  • Any stain contracting with Marble Countertops can be easily wiped up as the Marble surface is generally non-absorbent. 
  • Scientifically, Kitchen Marble slabs are cool in temperature, making them ideal for use as a kitchen benchtop. This property of marble aids in the resistivity to heat. As a result, there would be fewer risks of unwelcome fires in the Kitchen.

Marble Benchtop Benefits

The trend of utilizing marbles in kitchen interior design has been growing at a rapid pace. Marble benchtops have various advantages over other types of benchtops. Some of the primary benefits are highlighted below. Take a look.

  • Elegant:– Marbles Benchtops have their natural glaze texture, making them an eye-catcher in the Kitchen’s interior décor. They are further polished once, to be used as Kitchen Marble Benchtops, which further advance the looks and styles of the Marble. 
  • Reflections:- Marble benchtops reflect light well, making them a naturally bright material. It doesn’t absorb light so that the Kitchen will be naturally illuminating even in low-light situations. 
  • Aesthetic Look:- Using Marble Benchtops would give an aesthetic look to your Kitchen. Aesthetics have been in trend these days. It looks presentable and sound as well. Marbles are ingenious stones that explain why they have different colors and varieties. So, the Marble Slabs have hundreds of choices to offer. Solid black, white, yellow, rose, grey, black and white spectrums, green, and many other colors are available here. The best part about it is that no two slabs are the same. So, for giving the Kitchen that fantastic, one-of-a-kind style, choose your type of Marble.
  • Heat Resistant:- Marbles are thought to be poor heat conductors. It assists in avoiding any fire-related mishaps in the Kitchen. As a result, it makes the Kitchen somewhat safe for both youngsters and adults. This Marble’s quality makes a home a safe place to live.

Considering the benefits listed above, Kitchen Marble Slabs for Kitchen Benchtop should be the non – conflicting choice. Marble benchtops are a classic choice regarding interior design. However, when it comes to Kitchen Marble slabs, the customer has many possibilities to pick, depending on preferences and budget.

What colors are available in Marble Benchtops?

Marble is formed by the conversion of other stones under high temperatures and pressures. As a result of this process, new minerals, textures, and structures emerge, giving rise to a diverse range of marble varieties such as

  • White marble benchtop adds warmth to any kitchen design. Marble, a natural stone, is cool to the touch and does not conduct heat or cold, making it ideal for a kitchen or other cooking area. Due to this thermodynamic advantage, modern kitchen designs encircle the sink with benchtops and remove any doors or walls that would otherwise separate it from the rest of the kitchen. Marble is a hard stone, making it ideal for a high-traffic area. Our white marble benchtop is beautiful and functional as a dining platform or a unique display piece. It has a beautifully polished surface that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • Brown Marble Under beige Marble, we have exquisite pieces like Alveo Grey, Bruno Perla, Titanium Grey, and more. All in different shades of brown, these stones would match with gray, black, cherry red, or coffee color aesthetics. 
  • Black Marble Benchtop has a striking ceramic appearance that complements many design styles. In your kitchen or bathroom, this stylish grey and black marble look can make a dramatic aesthetic impact. It comes in seven different sizes to suit any project. An elegant low sheen, smooth black surface enhance the style of black marble benchtops. They are a great choice for a stylish but functional kitchen benchtop. Black Marble is one of our most adaptable surfaces, allowing you to blend into any design or setting. The stark contrast of a black benchtop in a small or large space can make a strong statement. You can mix it with other colors to make it your own!
  • Featuring a greyish-black color with white veins, Grey Marble Benchtop is a stunningly elegant benchtop that is affordable. A traditional marble with a new and modern twist, adds elegance and sophistication to your home. Our Grey Marble Benchtop will add to your home’s cozy and inviting atmosphere. This Marble Countertop is available in two finishes.
  • Cream Marble, Under cream-colored Marble, we have pieces like Cafe-au-lait, Augustus Grey, Bianco Orobico, and more. Glistening in this soft pinkish-white shade, these stones would work best with darker colors such as black, red, or brown. 

What is a book-matched Marble?

When it comes to natural stone design, a book-matched marble can produce one of the fascinating outcomes. The stone’s veins can be used to produce everything from enigmatic to gorgeous compositions. In this technique, experienced professionals slice the table so that the veins resemble a mirror image of one another. As a result, a mirror effect is created.

Some of the most impressive walls are decorated with marble or natural stone book-match creations, with the end product being a stunning and valuable marble wall that will not disappoint.

The most common uses are bathroom walls, kitchen islands, and fireplace mantels. 

Where to Buy Marble Benchtops? 

Since there are so many benefits of choosing Marble Benchtops for the Kitchen, it is vital to know the place from where you can buy them. However, buying Marble Benchtops nowadays is not rocket science. Today, we have got different companies who provide marble slabs to the doorstep. But the most prominent of these companies is Avant Stone

  • We have a wide variety of stone benchtops, including Marble slabs
  • We have 20 years of experience in the stone sector and can give our customers various worldwide sourced stone slabs such as Marble, Granite, and Quartzite slabs.
  • We strive to provide you with exceptional service and unique stone goods for your house or business.
  • The customers can check out different marble countertops provided by Avant Stones from here.  
  • Customers can also visit companies’ warehouses to find more choices of Marble slabs and choose the best for their Kitchen.


Marble benchtops are undoubtedly becoming the first preference among clients. Primarily because of their prominent style, glazing features, with stunning beauty, marble countertops are top-rated. These natural, lustrous kitchen marble slabs, compatible in style and durability, can beautifully customize the Kitchen. Marble stones come in stunning varieties with different veins and colors, giving ample options to select from. In addition, these wonderful imported Marble works as insulators to protect the house from unlucky kitchen accidents, which is another primary reason to give it a thumbs up. Avant Stone offers a wide range of styles to pick from at a reasonable price. So, what do you have to lose? Buy your marble kitchen benchtop now.

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