SinTerra Porcelain Slabs

Avant Stone introduces the perfect combination of functionality and natural beauty – SinTerra Porcelain Panels. more

The process of making Porcelain was discovered in China about nearly 2000 years ago. Overtime this product, through a millenia of engineering advancements has evolved into large porcelain slabs and porcelain panels. Porcelain Panels are made through a process known as sintering. Sintering is the process of creating objects from powders, metals and other minerals to create a solid surface. This occurs when an intense amount of heat and extreme pressure is applied to the powders and minerals creating one very dense and non-porous solid piece.

Due to the sintering process, SinTerra porcelain panels have a high heat and fire resistance, as well as being extremely dense making the surface virtually waterproof & extremely stain resistant. These characteristics make the surface easy to clean and maintain making it virtually vandalism proof. Chemicals and acidic liquids are not a problem either as the SinTerra Porcelain Panels are chemical resistant. These characteristics make the SinTerra Porcelain ideal to be used as wall panels, kitchen benchtop, flooring with heavy traffic and many more application. SinTerra porcelain slab applications are not just limited to interiors, as they can also be used as exterior cladding or flooring due to its UV resisting and durability properties.

This sounds great! Where can I get it?

The mesmerizing SinTerra porcelain slabs range is now on display at our centrally located showroom in Gladesville.  Our experienced team is always enthusiastic to work with your construction team, designers or fabricators. Please do not hesitate to contact our team for further enquiries.