Grigio Cemento

Grigio Cemento

Grigio Cemento 5477 1 Grigio Cemento

Grigio Cemento

Our Grigio Cemento Porcelain slabs offer an elegant concrete look aesthetic in a large format panel, suitable both for flooring, wall, and benchtop applications. Grigio Cemento is concrete-like porcelain that caters to contemporary architecture and due to its leading durability, the slabs are suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Available sizes and finish

Image FACE size Finish Availability
Grigio Cemento 5477 Grigio Cemento #5477 3200 × 1600 × 12 mm Matte In Stock


MATERIAL Porcelain
USE Kitchen, Bathroom, Internal Wall, External Wall, Internal Flooring, External Flooring

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