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Granite Kitchen Benchtops Gold Coast

Granite Kitchen Benchtops Gold Coast

Granite Benchtops Gold Coast

Transform your kitchen into a masterpiece of timeless beauty with Avant Stone’s natural granite benchtops right here on the Gold Coast. Our exceptional range of granite offers unparalleled durability and exquisite aesthetics, elevating your kitchen to new heights. Discover the allure of nature in your kitchen with our premium granite slabs, each meticulously selected for its perfection. Enhance your space with the enduring charm and robustness of our granite slabs, masterfully tailored to enrich the heart of your home.’

Why Choose Granite Slabs for Your Benchtops?

As a leading natural stone supplier, we present a carefully chosen range of granite, blending aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. Granite’s enduring appeal and resistance to scratches and heat make it the perfect choice for your kitchen’s centrepiece. Our selection showcases a variety of natural granite shades, allowing you to find the perfect match for your kitchen’s style. Choose granite benchtops for their elegance and our slabs’ unmatched quality, creating a space that reflects your taste and withstands the test of time.

Types of Granite Stone for Benchtops

Elevate your kitchen with our diverse range of natural granite benchtops in Gold Coast. Discover our stunning selection of black, white, grey, and green granite stones, each radiating timeless beauty. Our top-quality collection ensures durability and aesthetic appeal, providing the perfect foundation for a kitchen that blends natural beauty with practical excellence. Find your ideal granite benchtop today.

Black Granite Benchtop

Indulge in the sleek sophistication of our black granite benchtops, a timeless choice that effortlessly complements both modern and traditional kitchen designs. Carefully handpicked for their enduring durability, these black granite slabs offer more than mere style – they represent a stylish and functional investment. Upgrade your kitchen with the rich, deep tones of black granite, creating a statement piece that stands the test of time. Whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or a design aficionado, our black granite benchtops offer a seamless blend of beauty and practicality, providing the perfect foundation for a refined kitchen.

White Granite Benchtop

Embrace the classic charm of our white granite benchtops, infusing your kitchen with a sense of purity and understated elegance. Each slab, carefully selected, not only enhances the overall aesthetics of your space but also ensures a durable and heat-resistant surface for your culinary adventures. Immerse your kitchen in the luminosity of white granite, creating an inviting ambiance that transcends trends. Whether you’re a culinary artist or a design enthusiast, our white granite benchtops promise a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality, delivering a kitchen space that shines with timeless beauty.

Grey Granite Benchtop

Discover the subtle elegance of our grey granite benchtops, a versatile choice that seamlessly blends with a variety of kitchen styles. Within our curated selection of grey granite slabs, aesthetic appeal meets strong durability, striking the perfect balance for a kitchen that exemplifies both form and function. Muted yet impactful, grey granite adds a contemporary touch while preserving its timeless allure. Each slab is a testament to our careful selection process, ensuring your kitchen enjoys a perfect fusion of style and resilience. Whether you prefer a modern design or timeless elegance, our grey granite benchtops provide a sophisticated backdrop for your culinary sanctuary.

Green Granite Benchtops

Infuse your kitchen with the vibrant charm of our green granite benchtops, bringing a touch of nature to your culinary space. Handpicked for their unique colour palette, these green granite slabs introduce a fresh twist to your kitchen. Beyond their beauty, our green granite benchtops offer the durability and heat resistance essential for a busy kitchen. Whether you seek a bold statement or a subtle nod to nature, our selection of green granite allows you to express your style. Transform your kitchen into a lively and inviting space with the enduring beauty and practicality of our handpicked green granite benchtops.

How to choose the right Granite slab for your countertops?

Selecting the perfect granite slab for your countertops involves considering factors like colour, pattern, durability, and maintenance. Our expert team at Avant Stone is here to guide you through the selection process, ensuring your satisfaction with a timeless and durable choice.

  • Pattern Preferences: When choosing a granite slab, think about the pattern that appeals to you. Do you prefer a uniform appearance or are you drawn to slabs with unique veining and movement? The pattern of the granite can significantly influence the visual appeal of your countertops, defining the character of your kitchen. Whether you’re drawn to understated elegance or bold statements, carefully selecting the right pattern can ensure your countertops become a captivating focal point in your culinary haven.
  • Durability Assurance: Durability should be a key consideration in your granite selection process. Evaluate the stone’s resistance to scratches and heat to ensure it can withstand the demands of daily kitchen activities. Choosing a granite slab known for its superior durability ensures a countertop that remains stylish and functional over time, catering to passionate cooks and occasional culinary enthusiasts alike.
  • Source from Reputable Providers: The authenticity and quality of your granite slab are paramount. Source your granite from reputable natural stone suppliers like Avant Stone, who not only offer a wide selection but also provide expert guidance to help you make an informed choice. Reliable suppliers ensure you receive a genuine and high-quality product, enhancing the overall satisfaction and longevity of your investment.
  • Consider Maintenance Needs: Maintenance requirements can vary between different granite slabs. While granite is generally low-maintenance, some variations may require more frequent sealing to maintain stain resistance. By choosing a granite slab that fits your preferred level of maintenance, you can enjoy the beauty of your countertops without the hassle of constant upkeep.

By taking these factors into account, you can confidently select a granite slab that not only enhances the beauty of your kitchen but also aligns with your lifestyle and practical needs.

Pros and Cons of Using Granite Stone as a Material for Benchtops

Elevate your kitchen’s look with granite benchtops, renowned for their timeless charm and robustness. Before deciding, it’s important to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks of choosing granite for your kitchen surfaces.


  • Timeless Elegance: Granite brings a classic and luxurious feel to your kitchen, maintaining its elegance over the years. Its natural beauty makes it a standout choice for those who value enduring aesthetics.
  • Exceptional Durability: Known for its strength, granite can handle the daily demands of kitchen use. It’s scratch and heat resistant, offering a reliable surface for all your cooking and prep work.
  • Unique Aesthetics: Each granite slab is unique, adding a personal touch to your kitchen. This allows you to create a space that truly reflects your personal style.


  • Initial Cost: Choosing granite can mean a higher upfront cost compared to other materials. However, its durability and appeal justify the investment.
  • Sealing Requirements: To maintain its appearance, granite needs regular sealing. This ongoing maintenance is essential to preserve its quality over time.
  • Weight Considerations: Granite’s sizable weight requires careful attention at some stage in the set-up. The sheer mass might also call for extra structural assistance, probably leading to expanded installation prices.

Despite these considerations, the lasting beauty and added value make granite a premium choice for a stylish and durable kitchen.

How to Clean & Maintain Your Granite Cabinet Tops

Keep your granite benchtops looking their best with these simple yet effective care tips. By following our guidance, you’ll ensure your benchtops remain pristine and functional, enhancing the look of your kitchen or space.

  • Gentle Cleaning: Use a mild, pH-neutral cleaner to avoid damaging your granite benchtops. Harsh chemicals can wear away the surface over time. A gentle cleaner will maintain the natural shine and integrity of your granite.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Stay away from acidic or abrasive cleaning products that can etch the granite surface. These products can damage the sealant and lead to discolouration. Opting for non-abrasive cleaners will help preserve your benchtop’s unique appearance for years to come.
  • Regular Sealing: Protect your granite by applying a high-quality sealer once a year. This barrier helps prevent liquid from penetrating the stone, warding off stains. Regular sealing is an essential step in safeguarding your investment and keeping your granite in top condition.
  • Immediate Spill Cleanup: Act quickly to clean spills to avoid stains. Granite, while durable, is porous and can absorb spills if not promptly addressed. Immediate cleaning will help your benchtops stay resistant to staining and maintain their flawless look.

Incorporating these easy but effective cleansing and upkeep practices into your routine will make sure that your granite cupboard tops have held their great appearance and capability over the years.


What makes natural granite a superior choice for kitchen benchtops?

Natural granite stands out for its timeless beauty and unmatched strength. This special stone not only boosts your kitchen’s look with its unique patterns and colours but also offers a tough surface that resists heat and scratches. Opting for natural granite for your benchtop means choosing a mix of elegance and practicality that lasts, making it a top pick for homeowners wanting a high-quality and durable kitchen upgrade.

Are granite benchtops suitable for various kitchen styles?

Yes, for sure! At AvantStone, we’ve got a wide range of granite stone colours for benchtops. Whether you’re after the classic look of black and white granite or the modern vibe of grey and green options, our selection has something for everyone. Pick a shade that matches your kitchen’s look, creating a cohesive and personal space that shows off your style.

How do I select the right granite slab for my countertops?

Picking the right granite slab means looking at colour, pattern, and toughness. AvantStone suggests considering your kitchen’s design, lighting, and overall theme. Our team is here to help guide you in choosing, making sure your pick fits your vision perfectly.

Can I customise the size and shape of my granite benchtop?

Yes, indeed! We offer customisation options to suit your specific needs. Our skilled team can adjust the size and shape of your granite benchtop, ensuring it fits your kitchen just right. Whether you’re after a sleek, modern look or a more traditional feel, our customisation service lets you craft a unique kitchen space that reflects your individual taste and preferences.