Porcelain Slabs & Porcelain Benchtops in Sydney

Antique White

Supreme Evo Antique White is an Italian Porcelain Slab. A reminiscent of Calacatta Oro Marble, this stone has a gorgeous pattern of warm gold veining on a white base. This Porcelain Slab comes in three different veining patterns and adds warmth to any space. 
This stone is perfect for a modern and contemporary aesthetic. Sunflower Yellow, Navy Blue, and Silver-Grey are some colors that would suit this stone.

Blanc Du Blanc

With its incredible and striking patterning, Nobile Blanc du Blanc resembles the quartzite Patagonia from Brazil. This stone is also an Italian Porcelain Slab. Coffee Brown, Off-White, Indigo, and Baby Pink are some shades that would compliment the stone. 


An Italian Porcelain Slab, the light grey veining against the blue/grey base color distinguishes Blue Savoy Blue. This variation is named after the Blue de Savoie Marble found in France. Blue Savoy Blue Porcelain Slab is an excellent alternative for people looking for a Marble appearance. Color aesthetics such as Hickory Brown, Oatmeal White, Shadow Grey, Mink, and Peal Pink will match the stone. 


The Navona Bone adds a touch of rustic charm to any room. This variation was inspired by the Italian Travertine quarried on Rome’s outskirts. Navona Bone is an Italian Porcelain Slab with a deep color. A perfect fit for soft pink and cream shades like Rose Pink, Salmon, Crepe, Tan Brown, and Cornsilk White. 

Classic Marquina

Supreme Evo Classic Marquina is an Italian Porcelain Slab with an inky black background paired with white veining for a striking yet beautiful and classy look. This classic design is inspired by the famous Spanish Marble Nero Marquina and is ideal for people looking for black Marble. With its intense aura, colors like Lava Grey, Ice Blue, and Black would compliment the stone. For a contrasting look, Caramel Brown or Forest Green should pair wonderfully.


Nobile Emerald is a stunning Porcelain Slab with a vibrant green backdrop and an appealing pattern. Giving a pop of color and excitement to any space, Nobile Emerald has been inspired by Brazil’s Esmeralda quartzite. Colors like Lavender, Grape, Lime Green, Pearl River Grey would suit and complement the stone.


Navona Grey is a beautiful mid-grey Italian Porcelain Slab with a travertine effect. This variation was inspired by Italy’s natural travertines and it comes in three different patterns. Cedar Brown, Smokey Grey, Cloudy White, Rhino Grey, and Abalone are some colors that would match with the stone. 

Grey Amani

Supreme Evo Grey Amani is a classic cool grey Italian Porcelain Slab with gentle white veins that offer a subtle but appealing limestone look to any application. Supreme Evo Grey Amani provides a refined touch of quality to any space. This variation is offered in three patterns. This stone would suit different shades of gray and white like Pewter, Iron and, Bone White.


Navona Honey is a warm, white Italian Porcelain Slab. Inspired by famous Italian travertines, these are a terrific choice. Ivory, Peanut Brown, Phthalo Green, and Baby Pink are some colors that would bring out the warmness in the stone. 

Invisible Select

Supreme Evo Invisible Select is a marble-like Italian Porcelain Slab with a white background and dramatic grey veining. It is a one-of-a-kind design that resembles the eye-catching Cote D’ Azure Marble. Silver Gray, Coin Gray, Off-White, Brunette Brown, and Penny Brown are some colors that would suit the stone. 

Mont Blanc

Nobile Mont Blanc is an Italian Porcelain Slab named after the Brazilian quartzite of the same name. Light grey veining with a soft tan background creates a gentle movement. This variation would match with cream color aesthetics like Walnut Cream, Sandstone, Faux Fur, and Beige.


Blue Savoy Moon is a warm grey Italian Porcelain Slab that is balanced and adaptable stone. Blue Savoy Moon is named after the Blue de Savoie Marble from France. This stone would suit colors like Honey, Gold, and Amber. For contrasting colors, Berry Blue and Charcoal Grey would suit as well.  

Noir Laurent

The Supreme Evo Noir Laurent Italian Porcelain Slab has a stylish Marble design. This variation has a dark black backdrop with delicate gold veins that are reminiscent of Port Laurent Marble. Supreme Evo Noir Laurent, available in three different patterns, will give style to any application. Sacramento Green, Raven Black, Ivory, Olive Green, and Tortilla Brown would match and balance with the deep color of this stone. 
Porcelain is available in a range of patterns in addition to several color selections. Porcelain may be made to look like other countertop materials, including natural stone, by altering pigmentation. When installing Porcelain Kitchen Benchtops, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of finishes. You can finish your counters in whatever way you like, whether you want a honed, polished, or matte finish.

Porcelain Benchtops

Every surface finish material and product has its unique benefits and drawbacks, however with the availability of Large Format Porcelain Panels this is about to change.

Porcelain Panels or Porcelain Slabs (as they are sometimes referred to) are a high density and low porosity surface. Porcelain Slabs also greatly resist heat, UV fading, staining, and scratching, making them an ideal material for kitchen porcelain benchtops. The other uses are as porcelain wall panels for interior and exterior purposes, including wet areas.

At Avant Stone, we carry our range of SinTerra porcelain panels which are available in unique designs, such as marble look and stone look. Amongst our SinTerra collection, the marble look porcelain slabs are popular, especially the statuario porcelain slabs and the calacatta porcelain slabs.

These large marble porcelain benchtops are popular for designers and families alike, who want the look of marble without the additional care and maintenance required with natural stone.

Fabrication & Installation

Sintered porcelain panels and porcelain benchtops can be cut to size on-site or in a typical fabricator’s workshop depending on the complexity of its use and installation requirements. For example, a simple wall cladding use where the edges are simply cut to size requires only to score one side of the material and then bend or “Snap” along with the score. This process can be achieved on-site. However, when a high degree of precision is required, for instance to size and shape a porcelain slab countertop; this will require a bridge saw or a waterjet cutting machine to be used with care in a workshop.

Due to the large and thin porcelain slab profile, it requires undivided attention and utmost care during its installation. Current standards prescribe a minimum of two people are required to handle the large porcelain slab with utmost care.

Avant Stone can provide you with a list of fabricators and installers who can assist you with turning the slab into any application from an extravagant countertop to a simple porcelain shower panel.

Porcelain is a stone people often look over. For homeowners interested in updating their kitchen, there are various enhancements possible, including the assembly of new benchtops. Old tiled benchtops and the ubiquitous tiny squares divided by thick grout lines were a nuisance to clean, unattractive, and not trendy. While there are many different benchtop materials to choose from for your kitchen, Porcelain is one Marble to give some thought to.
Most people think of Porcelain when they think of their home’s bathrooms, but it’s also a terrific material for Kitchen Benchtops. Very few people are familiar with Porcelain Kitchen Benchtops. If you’re seriously thinking of investing in a Porcelain Countertop, it’s a good idea to learn more about the stone and its different variations. 

What is Porcelain?
Even though you’ve certainly come across Porcelain many times in your life, you may not know much about it. Porcelain is a form of ceramic that comes from clay which contains kaolinite, a mineral. When the clay has a considerable amount of kaolinite, it’s called china clay, which is why Porcelain and exquisite china are many-a-times used interchangeably. Other minerals found in kaolinite-rich clays, such as silica and feldspar, can enhance the final appearance of the Porcelain.

The Styles
Installing Porcelain Benchtops in your home is a very appealing alternative due to its many benefits. The most significant advantage of this material is that it allows you to personalize the appearance of your kitchen counter. Because Porcelain comes in a wide range of hues, you can choose a style that complements your current kitchen decor or creates an entirely new look for the space. Porcelain is very resistant to discoloration, so your kitchen will look fantastic for many years.

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