Ariana Marble Honed AVAM001 2

Ariana marble AVAM001 Clearance

Block No : AVAM001 | Finish : Honed | Size : 2890 x 1550 x 20mm

$1,500   $ 1,010 per slab + GST

Ariana Marble is an enduring natural stone that provides a premium yet subtle character to each application. Ariana Marble is a balanced combination of mottled pink and light grey veining against a stark white background. Hailing from the north of Greece, this white marble is available in a Honed finish and can also be ordered in a tile format.

Disclaimer: The supplied image is indicative and may not precisely represent the entire batch of clearance natural stone slabs. Variations may occur due to the inherent characteristics of natural stone.

clearance slab details

USE Kitchen, Bathroom, Internal Wall, Internal Flooring

Clearance Item Terms and Conditions

1. Nature of Clearance Items: Clearance items may have imperfections such as fissures, variations, or irregularities in colour, pattern, texture and or finish. These characteristics are inherent to natural stone and are not considered defects. We advise all customers to inspect the material prior to purchase to ascertain suitability for their project.

2. Limited Availability: Clearance items are sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and availability is limited. Once sold out, these items may not be restocked or replaced.

3. Inspection and Acceptance: Customers are encouraged to thoroughly inspect clearance items before purchase. By completing the purchase, the customer acknowledges that they have examined the materials and accepted any visible or inherent imperfections.

4. No Returns or Exchanges: Due to the discounted nature of clearance items, all sales are final. No returns, exchanges, or refunds will be accepted.

5. The supplied image is indicative and may not precisely represent the entire batch of clearance natural stone slabs. Variations may occur due to the inherent characteristics of natural stone.

Other clearance slab Size and Finish

Carrara Extra Bl GEO5634

Block number :                                                        GEO5634
Finish :                                                                              Honed
Size :                                                       2400 x 1510 x 20mm
Availability :                                                                In stock

Carrara Venatino GM2173

Block number :                                                         GM2173A
Finish :                                                                               Honed
Size :                                                       3430 x 1330  x 20mm
Availability :                                                                 In stock

Carrara Gioia 15806b

Block number :                                                               15806
Finish :                                                                               Honed
Size :                                                        2100 x 1810 x 20mm
Availability                                                                   In stock

Other clearance slab Size and Finish

2 1

Block number :                                                                    676
Finish :                                                                                Honed
Size :                                                         2480 x 1830 x 20mm
Availability :                                                                   In stock

Ariana Marble Polished 8126

Block number :                                                                  8126
Finish :                                                                            Polished
Size :                                                         2500 x 1700 x 20mm
Availability :                                                                   In stock


Block number :                                                                  2653
Finish :                                                                                Honed
Size :                                                          2200 x 1350 x 20mm
Availability :                                                                   In stock

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