Calacatta Viola

Calacatta Viola

Calacatta Viola Bl 13190 1 Calacatta Viola

Calacatta Viola

Calacatta Viola marble, a stone imbued with exclusivity and sophistication. Its mesmerizing white backdrop, juxtaposed with dramatic violet veining, gives it a grandiose aesthetic. Each Calacatta Viola slab is a testament to nature’s artistic prowess, and its durability adds value beyond mere appearance. Its versatility makes it a perfect statement piece, be it for your kitchen, bathroom, or living area. A testament to nature’s artistic mastery, it adds an aura of elegance and refinement to any space. It’s more than just owning a piece of stone; it’s about incorporating a piece of nature’s masterpiece into your lifestyle. Discover the luxury and class of the Calacatta Viola marble, where the essence of opulence takes form in an extraordinary stone.

Available sizes and finish

Image Code size Finish Availability
Calacatta Viola BL GM34614A Calacatta Viola GM34614A 2900 x 1770 x 20 mm Honed In Stock


COLOUR White, Red, Purple
USE Kitchen, Bathroom, Internal Wall, External Wall, Internal Flooring, External Flooring

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