Indian Jet Black

Indian Jet Black

Indian Jet Black

Indian Jet Black Granite, the deep dark stone with a magnificent polish. A timelessly classic Granite that will never look anything less than stunning due to its ultimate durability. Whether you want a traditional or modern look, Indian Jet Black Granite is one of the most versatile Granite options and you will certainly be able to create your desired look with this beautiful natural stone.

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Black Granite Slabs are one of the most often utilized natural stones by property owners globally. Indian Jet Black Granite, with its natural black beauty and elegance, is at the forefront of the trend. In natural stones, Granite is renowned for its unparalleled toughness, durability, and beauty. Indian Jet Black Granite is a pitch-black background that exudes elegance and high-end style.

Why Choose Indian Jet Black Granite?

The aesthetics generated by incorporating Indian Jet Black Granite into your home décor or exteriors stand out like a sore thumb. This dark stone tends to make a modern, distinctive, and luxury design statement.

A large number of homeowners utilize this sophisticated Black Granite Slab in their kitchens and bathrooms to create a stunning impression. Even if you’re merely remodeling your kitchen, Indian Jet Black Granite may give it a unique flair. Another good reason to select Black Granite for a makeover is that it goes well with any color or texture of design components such as flooring, cabinets, and sink. Black is the most versatile color, blending well with a wide range of other hues. The black color complements other colors in your kitchen or bathroom decor. However, when paired with white or lighter islands and cabinets, The Indian Jet Black Granite creates a stunning visual contrast.

When it comes to Granite Slabs or tiles, the color and texture consistency given to any business or residential area is stunning. As a result, Indian Jet Black Granite may be utilized in various indoor and outdoor applications, depending on the individual’s preferences.

The polished surface of the Granite reflects the brilliance and emanates a sense of sumptuousness when used in a place illuminated by sunshine. The stone is a versatile material that you can use to create beautiful worktops, flooring, exterior cladding, and architectural elements.

Where Can You Use Indian Jet Black Granite?
Black Granite has the same or (in some circumstances) superior characteristics as other granite varieties. The stone is water and heat-resistant, and it requires very little upkeep. It may be readily sanitized by just wiping it down with soapy water. As a result, the stone can endure the test of time, even in subzero conditions.

Indian Jet Black Granite would be the ideal choice for bathrooms. The stone is an excellent choice for bathrooms because it offers a prominent depth and a sense of refinement. Unfortunately, water, heat, and the humid atmosphere are all resistant to the stone.

Kitchen Benchtops
Black Granite is a wise choice for a long-lasting and durable Benchtop that will look the same for years. A glossy black countertop gleams like a mirror, reflecting everything in its vicinity. Indian Jet Black Granite complements wood cabinets and light-colored design components beautifully. Another fantastic design concept is to pair the stone with stainless steel accents in the kitchen. The mix of steel grey and black gives it a classy look.

Bar Tops
The stone is a fantastic material for customizing countertops and bar tops. In addition, because Granite is heat and scratch-resistant, Indian Jet Black Granite can be used in laundry rooms and kitchens as countertops.

Available sizes and finish

Image Code size Finish Availability
India Jet Black 33575 compressed1 1 Indian Jet Black Granite 33391 3440 × 1930 × 30 mm Polished In Stock
indianjetblackchkd Indian Jet Black Granite CHK/D-02 3180 × 1920 × 20 mm Polished In Stock
Indian jet blackYWQ2sGrA Indian Jet Black Granite 617P 3340 x 1980 x 20 mm Polished In Stock
jetblack indian Indian Jet Black Granite 617H 3380 x 1980 x 20 mm Honed In Stock


FINISH Polished, Honed
USE Kitchen, Bathroom, Internal Wall, External Wall, Internal Flooring, External Flooring

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