Rosso Orobico

Rosso Orobico

ROPRODUCT Rosso Orobico

Rosso Orobico

Luxuriously hued deep red tone, Rosso Orobico Marble is distinguished by its waves of tawny sunset rose and dramatic range of white, black, burgundy, brown, red and grey tones. This uniquely patterned and richly patterned stone has been seamlessly blended by mother nature to create a bold statement masterpiece, perfect for those wishing to create an emphatic feature wall or feature kitchen island.

Available sizes and finish

Image Code size Finish Availability
Rosso OrobicoIytHwyKQ Rosso Orobico B051653 3410 x 1810 x 20 Honed In Stock


COLOUR Red, Black
USE Kitchen, Bathroom, Internal Wall, External Wall, Internal Flooring, External Flooring

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